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Why should you send your corporate Christmas cards by email?

Because it is the smart thing to do! It is certainly cheaper than traditional cards through the mail. Sending 500 email cards with us costs less than the same number of postage stamps alone! Add the cost of cards, labels, and handling, and you can save thousands of Pounds.

But, the benefits are not just about saving money. You will turn an annual chore into a high-value marketing exercise. Sending traditional cards by post is an almost completely pointless ritual. Most go straight in the bin (maybe after a while on a shelf). You have no idea who, if anyone, has read your message.

Sending a personalised corporate Christmas card by email is a much shrewder investment. Each card is a marketing message. You can now afford to send a personalised card with your branding and message to every individual on your contact list rather than just one to each company or organisation. You can easily take the opportunity in your card to link to a special offer or news announcement - anything to improve the return on the exercise.

Our cards are business-class communications. They are not the generic and unprofessional "someone has sent you a card - click this link" emails that you see elsewhere.

Because we broadcast using our enterprise-grade system, your emails are sent using your corporate identity and email address. This ensures good deliverability rates and opening. We provide a report afterwards showing exactly who has read your card, who has forwarded it, and who has followed links. We also provide details of any dead email addresses to help you clean up your database.

It's simple to order online. You can choose a design, configure it, and pay by credit card or against invoice. It's quick, easy and unbeatable value. Act now and the annual Christmas card headache will be turned into an opportunity and sorted within a few minutes, all at a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Save time and money
  • Personalised messages make more impact
  • Your card arrives straight into the user's email inbox - their main tool for communication
  • Management information - see who has opened your card and followed your links, clean up your database
  • The green solution - almost carbon neutral and no waste
  • 5% of your payment donated to charity

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